Ha, very exciting for me. I don't have a teacher of even a brain for this sorta stuff... but I a m trying. I made a flash comic. It moves smoothly and looks nice, I just don't know if newgrounds allows that sorta thing. ermm... They allow tutorials so I'm going to give it try. If they say no, then the answer is no. Its that simple, but I hope they say yes. I know they review the flash submissions and I worked very hard on it. :3 Here I'll show you the cover.

So I've sorta figured out Flash.

So I'm learning flash... VERY slowly. lol :) Funny thing about being an illustrator in a small University, they don't really like to make things move. It's all about the fine arts. Don't get me wrong. The fine arts are important, but I really enjoy illustration.

But no, seriously I've some the most awesome flashes recently. I can understand why they're the top cartoons here on Newgrounds! And just for the record, even though many of you wish your fan base would leave you alone, you guys are really awesome and I enjoy your work. (Namely Eddsworld, TheWeeble, chluaid, ect. )

Hey check out my comic if you have a bit.
Scarecrow Comic

Movin through

2010-02-13 02:08:53 by Zombie-chan

I'll be honest, I have not skills with flash or anything, BUT I love a lot of work from here so I wanted to add favorites and enjoy peoples work. And let them know. I know how bad it sucks to have people look at your work and have them not tell yo so... I'm here to tell you I love it. :) And of course pass the word along. lol